Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Choose Ms Chen 's Science

1. Class size is relatively small ranging from 2 to 8 students so the tutors can pay more attention to each child.

2. Tutors are strict. No using of handphone except to make urgent communications. No Chit-chatting during lesson time.

3. Regular and honest feedback to parents about student's attitude and behavior and their homework.

4. All lessons are taught personally by Ms Chen and Ms Leong.

5. There is no need for prior notice to terminate tuition. A simple message to terminate tuition will do as the tutors believe that should the student find the class unsuitable, it is to the student's benefit to find a more suitable tutor as quickly as possible.

6. Suitable for students who want to do more challenging questions and strive to do better.

7. Cut down on parents' expenses.  All our Sec 1 and 2 students have no tuition after their End of Year Examination. There is also very few classes for our upper secondary and JC students in Dec as many students are away on holiday trips with their families. This helps parents to cut down on tuition fees.

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