Thursday, November 23, 2017

Latest Schedule for 2018

These are the tentative time slots for 2018:

Monday 630-8pm Sec 3 Physics
              5-7pm Sec 3 Chem & Bio
              7-8pm Sec 4 Bio
              8-930pm Sec 4 Chem
              8-930pm Sec 4 Phy

Tues     4-530pm Sec 4 Chem
            530-630pm Sec 4 Bio
            630-8pm Sec 4 Chem
            6-730pm Sec 3 Phy
            730-9pm Sec 4 Phy

Wed 6-730pm Sec 4 Chem
        730-830pm Sec 4 Bio
        8-930pm Sec 4 Phy
        630-8pm Sec 3 Phy

Thu  530-630 Sec 4 Bio
        630-8pm Sec 4 Chem
        630-8pm Sec 3 Phy
        8-930pm Sec 3 Chem (Full)

Sat 9-10am Sec 4 Bio
      10-1130am Sec 4 Chem
      12-2pm EJC JC1 Chem
      2-330pm Sec 4 Chem
      330-430pm Sec 4 Bio
      430-6pm Sec 4 Chem
      6-8pm JC2 H2 Chem
      8-10pm JC2 H2 Chem (Full)

Sunday 9-11am JC2 H2 Chem
             11am-1pm JC1 H2 Chem
             1-3pm JC2 H2 Chem
             3-5pm EJC JC2 H2 Chem (Full)
             5-7pm JC1 H2 Chem
             7-830pm Sec 4 Chem
             830-10pm Sec 4 Combined Science (Bio and Chem)

Timeslots 3-5pm on weekdays are allocated for lower sec classes.

Many science syllabus of IP schools are very close to O levels, thus as long as the students are learning similar topics, they can be placed in the same class.

If you have any queries, please sms Ms Chen at 97886170 to find out more about the classes or to register for a class. Messaging by whatapps or SMS is preferred over calling. No walk-in at the centre.

*Terms and conditions do apply.

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