Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Tuition Schedule

This is the tentative schedule. The topics and the pace of each class are different even for the same level and subject. Do whatapps Miss Chen at 97886170 to find out more if you are interested.  For lower sec science tuition, please whatapps Miss Chen at 97886170 for suitable timings. There is no sec 3 combined science class anymore.


5-7pm Sec 4 Chem/Bio
630-8pm Sec 4 Phy
7-830pm Sec 3 Chem
830-10pm Sec 3 Phy


3-530pm Sec 2 Science
430-6pm Sec 3 Chem (full)
6-7pm Sec 3 Bio
7-830pm Sec 3 Chem
830pm-10pm Sec 3 Bio/Chem


8-10pm Sec 4 Bio/Chem
5-7pm Sec 3 Bio/chem
730-9pm Sec 3 Phy

430-6pm Sec 4 Chem
6-730pm Sec 3 Chem
8-930pm Sec 3 Phy
8-10pm Sec 4 Chem/Bio
5-630pm Sec 4 Phy
630-8pm Sec 4 Phy


4-6pm Sec 4 Chem/Bio
6-8pm JC2 Chem
8-10pm Sec 4 Chem/Bio


9-11am JC2 Chem
11am-1230pm Sec 4 Chem
1230-230pm JC2 Chem
230-430pm JC1 Chem
430-630pm JC1 Chem
11am-1pm JC1 Phy
1-3pm JC1 Phy
4-6pm JC2 Phy
6-730pm Sec 3 Phy
730-930pm Sec 4 Chem/Bio


11am-1pm JC2 Chem
1-3pm JC1 Chem
3-5pm JC1 Chem
5-7pm JC2 Chem (Full)
7-8pm Sec 4 Combined Sci (Phy)
7-8pm Sec 4 Combined Sci (Bio)
8-9pm Sec 4 Combined Sci (chem)
9-11am JC2 Phy
11am-1pm JC1 Phy
330-530pm JC2 Phy

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