Wednesday, April 14, 2021

2021 Schedule

Do note that not anyone can join any class as we group our students for more effective learning. Maximum size is usually 8 students per class. Fees is $40/h. We will inform parents of our terms and conditions when they messaged us.  All classes are taught by Miss Leong and Miss Chen personally. Do WhatsApp Miss Chen at 97886170 for any enquiry and suitability to join the classes. 


3-430pm sec 2 Science 

430 - 6pm Sec 3 Physics 

6-730pm Sec 4 Physics 

4-530pm Sec 4 Chem 

530-7pm Sec 4 Bio

7-830pm Sec 4 Chem 


330-530pm sec 2 science  

5-630pm sec 3 chem class 1

630-8pm sec 3 physics 1

5-630pm sec 3 physics class 2

630-8pm sec 3 chem class 2


4-6pm sec 3 combined Bio/chem 

6-730pm Sec 3 Chemistry 

730-830 Sec 3 Bio

830-10pm sec 3 Chem


3-4pm sec 2 bio/chem

4-5pm sec 2 physics 

4-530pm sec 4 chem 

530-630 sec 4 bio 

630-8pm sec 4 chem

8-930pm sec 4 chem 

630-8pm sec 4 physics


3-5pm sec 2 science class 1

630-830 pm sec 2 science class 2

4-5pm sec 4 Bio

5-630pm sec 4 chem 

730-930pm Sec 1 science 


 9-1030am sec 3 physics

 11am-1230pm sec 3 physics

1230-230pm JC1 Physics 

430-630pm JC2 Physics 

9-1030am sec 3 chem 

1030am-1130am sec 3 bio

1130-1pm sec 3 chem 

1-3pm JC2 chem 

3-5pm JC1 Chem 

5-6pm sec 3 bio

6-730pm sec 3 chem 

730-930pm JC1 Chem 


9-11am JC2 chem 

11am-1pm JC2 Chem 

1-3pm JC1 chem 

3-4pm sec 3 bio

4-530pm sec 3 chem 

530-730pm sec 4 combined Physics/chemistry 

730-930pm sec 3 combined physics/chemistry 

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