Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introduction to Ms Leong (Physics tutor)

I am currently a full time Physics tutor with approximately 10 years of tutoring experience, and have tutored students from a range of schools, including schools such as St Nicholas Girls' Secondary School, and IP schools such as Raffles Girls' Secondary School. I graduated from NUS with an Honours degree in Law, and practiced as a lawyer for a few years before deciding to go full-time into my real area of interest, which is helping secondary school students to ‘get’ Physics.

If you’re not doing well in your upper secondary Physics right now despite having read through your textbook, done your school homework and perhaps even chugged your way through some assessment books, it’s mainly because of one thing- you don’t understand the key concepts of the subject. I can understand this because I used to be a borderline-pass Physics student myself a long time ago, back in my early secondary 3 days in Raffles Girls’ Secondary. But once I understood the key concepts to the subject, Physics was no longer alien gibberish to me, and I went on to score As in O level and A level Physics, with a Merit in A level Physics S Paper (the equivalent of today’s JC H3 level).

The wonderful thing about secondary school level Physics is that once you ‘get’ it, you realize that logic and some measure of sensible math skills are all you need to handle the subject. Of course, there are a few key points that you have to commit to memory and you would also have to put in the necessary grunt work to retain and sharpen the skills you learn, but this applies to everything you do and not just Physics.

Every student can be guided to understand the key concepts of secondary school Physics. My job is to enable all my students to grasp the key concepts in the fastest and most direct way possible. In my years of teaching, I have yet to meet a student who could not understand and immediately apply the key concepts I teach in each class. The major difference between my students who do well and those who do not lies in their retention of the skills taught to them, because having a good tutor is unfortunately not a magic pill that gives you photographic memory.

If you are a secondary school student struggling with Physics, and you are willing to put in at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to hone your Physics skills, I know that once you learn Physics using the concepts I teach, your struggle with Physics will end.


**Ms Leong’s fees for one-on-one tuition range between $60/h to $70/h. Classes normally last 1.5hr, although weaker students may require 2hrs per class. There are currently no group tuition classes available, but a group class may be started if at least 2 students from the same level are able to co-ordinate to form a class. Ms Leong’s fee for group tuition is $35-40/h/pax.

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