Monday, June 24, 2013

Introduction to Ms Chen ( Chem and Bio Tutor)

Many parents have called and asked for more information about Ms Chen.
Here it is:

Ms Chen holds a Bachelor Degree in Life Sciences from NUS. She has 13 years of tutoring experience under her belt, and also had 6 years of teaching experience in a SAP school. Having been on the frontline of the teaching arena for so many years, Ms Chen is familiar with what it takes to develop her students to get better grades. Thus almost all her students had shown vast improvements in their grades and even topped their classes for science, with the exception of lazy students with poor attitude.

Being a NIE-trained teacher, Ms Chen is constantly in touch with the changing syllabus. She also knows how examinations are being set and what the markers are looking for in students’ answers.

One of the biggest advantages that Ms Chen possesses lies in her having trained and taught graduating classes for the O level Science Practical examinations for biology and chemistry. This invaluable experience has given her firsthand knowledge of the common mistakes students make in practical examinations. Ms Chen is also trained in teaching and conducting the O level SPA for Biology and Chemistry. Thus, she is able to help students on both the theoretical and practical fronts of the Biology and Chemistry O level examination preparation.

Ms Chen has taught lower secondary science in school, and is familiar with the process of streaming and the syllabus of modular science. Thus she is able to offer her help and expertise to students and parents who are worried about streaming.

She also has experiences in tutoring students from IP schools such as Hwa Chong institution, Raffles Girls'School, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Nanyang Girls' High School and Raffles institution.

She also has tutored students from international schools such as Chatsworth International school, Anglo-Chinese School (International) and St Joseph's Institution International School doing IGCSE or GCSE syllabus.

Ms Chen will also structure the lessons and classes conducted according to the different learning styles and abilities of students. Students with similar learning pace are encouraged to be grouped together. This is so that classes can be designed to enable students to maximise their learning potential. Alternatively, students from the same class or school are encouraged to be grouped together. Students grouped thusly will be able to learn at the same school pace, which has the advantage of being able to gear the lesson structure to take into account the different requirements of each school as different schools set different types of test and examination papers.

Ms Chen understands how a parent feels and will help parents to push their kids to aim for better grades. Parents who are looking for tutors or students looking tutors to push them are most welcomed. Students are expected and can expect not just to sit passively and listen in class, but to be engaged, answer questions and actively participate in the lesson.

Please contact Ms Chen at 97886170 if you have have enquries.

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